Our history

Founded in 2011, Kinky Peaches was created by Monique Boea due to the overwhelming response from her own natural transition.

"I get stopped almost every day by women who either want to go natural or want to know more about caring for & styling natural hair. I would tell the ladies who stopped me what I use on my hair and some would come back and say "That didn't work for me". I didn't want to just direct them to YouTube, so I created Kinky Peaches as reference and support for women who need help in making the natural transition and who need help in maintaining healthy natural hair". Kinky Peaches focuses on "organic natural hair care" - No chemicals and no heat and little manipulation.


Polite, professional, charming and courteous team. The best haircut I have ever had! Simon was full of crack, was more than happy to suggest the best cut for me and he even offered a free beverage - what more could I ask for?!

Todd R

It’s my first visit, and I had excellent haircut and beard trim, I’m very happy and will come back again.

Mark S

I recently had my haircut with Scott, by far the best haircut I have ever had! It feels good knowing that I have finally found a barber who can make me look and feel my best.

Daniel D

First time I've had my haircut by Simon and he nailed it. I like the new look of the place and it's still my favorite barber shop.

Stephen V