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Important information on HEAT DAMAGE if you have ever straightened your natural hair:

If you have been to Kinky Peaches before, you know that we do not recommend blow drying and flat ironing AT ALL. Why? Because it damages the hair.

Many people who have heat damage don't even know it and think their hair grows out straight and kinky/curly. I have not seen one person who uses flat irons and blow dryers who's curl pattern has not been compromised to some extent. It's 99% inevitable. Here's a guide to help you know if you have heat damage, what to do if you do have it and how to prevent it if you don't.

What exactly is heat damage and how does it happen?

Heat damage happens when you or your stylist applies heat to your hair on a setting that is too high. "High or prolonged heat can physically and irreversibly change the natural structure of protein. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin in hair has a natural twist in it called an alpha helix. This twist is present in all hair straight or curly. If you heat keratin to around 215-235°C (419-455F) the alpha helix starts to melt. This is a a physical change and it is irreversible. Your hair will retain the shape of the melted keratin at a molecular level. Your hair shows you this molecular damage by not getting back into its natural curl or wave and staying straighter." thenaturalhavenbloom.com

How do I know if I have heat damage?
The best way to identify heat-damaged hair is if is is straighter than normally or if some parts of straighter than others. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like:

I have heat damage! Now what???
Heat damage cannot be reversed. You have to act as if you are relaxed and do one of the following:

1 - Big Chop - Start over with a new head of hair.
2 - Transition the damaged hair out. I recommend transitioning with roller sets. They are easy on the hair and hides the two textures.

I don't have heat damage. How can I prevent it?
Don't blow dry or flat iron. EVER!

Keep it kinky!